About us


Renata is a founder and a heart of this law firm.

Practising law since 2009 she is an expert in dispute resolution.

Being dedicated litigator and negotiator she is valued by the clients for her ability to give clear answers and find elegant solutions without promising the impossible, but delivering all which is possible by legal means.

Elze before joining our law firm has been practicing for the state in European Law Department since 2002 and has later continued private practice in the leading Baltic law firms.

She has been the head of Valiunas Ellex Brussels office and is an exceptional expert in EU law countrywide.

Elze also is highly experienced in national institutional and regulatory matters.

Elze Matulionyte, dr.


Joining the law firm in 2018 Viktorija has brought her long term experience in public service and international area (in National Paying Agency and, thereafter, in International Organisation for Migration).

With us she is further specialising in the acute and most difficult migration and human rights law as well as public procurement and financial issues.


Dispute resolution

Acknowledging that it is best for the dispute not to arise we advise our clients in the first place how to prevent the occurrence of disputes.
Where the dispute is still to take place, we assist and guide our clients through all the stages from negotiation to the litigation or any alternative resolution.

EU and national regulatory & institutional

We consult on various regulatory and institutional EU law issues and related national legislation (in such sectors as trade, transport or energy).
We represent our clients in relations with EU and national institutions.

Legal Project Management

We define and plan for our clients their legal projects, by finding and hiring the most efficient legal team. We budget those projects and then monitor their timely execution and quality.

Corporate, Commercial and Tax

We assist with drafting, conclusion and execution of contracts. Also we consult on corporate, compliance and liability issues. We have solid experience in guiding through sensitive taxation area.

Real Estate

We consult on various matters related with all real estate transactions ranging from simple sales or lease to land use issues.

Labour and migration

Constant practise on all issues related to hiring, employment and dismissal as well as any disputes pertaining to them.
We advise on Lithuanian migration law, residence for foreign nationals and companies. Also we specialise on the issue if restoration of Lithuanian citizenship.



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